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Practice Makes Perfect

There are a lot of steps that usually happen before you get to the interview portion of your job search: writing a resume, networking, compiling your references. Most folks are able to put a lot of effort into getting the interview, but many fall apart during the actual interview. Why? Poor planning and a lack of practice. Instead of winging it, or relying solely on your professional skill set, you should stage a rehearsal for your next job interview. Not sure how to go about doing so? Start by enlisting a family member, friend or partner to play the role of interviewer, and ask that she stay in character from start to finish. Set up a space, such as a desk or table, where you can create a suitable setting. Then use these 10 tips to from corporate trainer Marlene Caroselli to make your interviews — both mock and real — successful. Do Your Homework “Learn all you can about the organization in advance,” advises Caroselli. Share this information with your mock interviewer, perhaps in the form of crib notes. She can use this to grill you. Tune In “Watch people being interviewed on television and make note of what works,” she advises. Look for traits that make people likable and competent. State the Unobvious “Create one really intriguing statement about yourself,” she says. “For example, a woman I know, expecting to be told, ‘Tell us a bit about yourself [the most popular interview question],’ replied, ‘I think I should tell you I’m a nonconforming conformist.’ She explained what she meant and wound up getting the job.” Think Outside...

Resume Critique Checklist

Resumes normally get less than a 15-second glance at the first screening. If someone has asked you to review his resume and you want to help him ensure it gets read — or want to know if your own is up to par — be sure you can answer yes to the following questions: First Impression Does the resume look original and not based on a template? Is the resume inviting to read, with clear sections and ample white space? Does the design look professional rather than like a simple typing job? Is a qualifications summary included so the reader immediately knows the applicant’s value proposition? Is the resume’s length and overall appearance appropriate given the career level and objective? Appearance Does the resume provide a visually pleasing, polished presentation? Is the font appropriate for the career level and industry? Are there design elements such as bullets, bolding and lines to guide readers’ eyes through the document and highlight important content? Is there a good balance between text and white space? Are margins even on all sides? Are design elements like spacing and font size used consistently throughout the document? If the resume is longer than a page, does the second page contain a heading? Is the page break formatted correctly? Resume Sections Are all resume sections clearly labeled? Are sections placed in the best order to highlight the applicant’s strongest credentials? Is the work history listed in reverse chronological order (most recent job first)? Career Goal Is the career objective included toward the top of the resume in a headline, objective or qualifications summary? Is the resume targeted...

Get Guerilla

What does “guerrilla” mean in terms of a job search?  It means get creative and do things differently!  Engage your audience and surprise them.  Here are ten guerrilla marketing tactics you can use in your job search. 1. Pick up the phone. Isn’t it lame that I have to include this tip in a list of “creative and unique” networking tactics?!  The truth is, I bet only 1% of people actually pick up the phone to introduce themselves, ask for a coffee meeting or start a conversation.  You aren’t cold calling for an interview or a job, you are simply starting a conversation.  Don’t over think it! If you decide to pick up the phone, let the person know who referred you to them or how you know them.  Did you meet at a networking event?  Did you get his or her business card at the Cubs game?  Did you look her up in your sorority alumna directory? Chances are they won’t answer or be interested in talking to you the first time you call.  Follow up again via email. Still no answer?  Make one last attempt by emailing them a week or two later.  It’s VERY normal to contact busy people a few times before getting a response. In many cases, they’ll thank you for your continued follow up! 2.  Stop job hunting and start company hunting. The beauty of a guerrilla-style job search is that your efforts will be very targeted.  You’ve researched industries, companies and even people.  You know what you want and who you want to talk to.  This is not a reactive job search...